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The PC-12 is an aircraft that can get the job done most quickly and efficiently for our clients. It's powerful combination of size, speed, economy, and advanced design allow the PC-12 to dominate where other aircraft struggle to compete in the charter market. It was nominated the safest aircraft in the world, partly due to the reliability of the engine.

On a charter flight, the passengers take advantage of the comfort and the security offered by the Pilatus PC-12. This roomy aircraft has a cabin length of 5.16 meters (16 ft 11 in) and a width of 1.53 meters (5 ft 0 in) with a maximum capacity of nine passengers.

The PC-12's large cargo door measuring 53 inches x 52 inches can accommodate large freight and allows for easy loading and unloading.

This pressurized aircraft can cruise to 270 knots (500 km/h) to maximum altitude of 30,000 feet, thus avoiding the low-altitude turbulence.

Aircraft Specification

The PC-12 is an aircraft that can be designed for a variety of passenger and cargo capacity needs. This enables optimal flight configurations for all your flying needs.

Commuter - 9 Passengers Configuration 6 Passengers and 1100 lbs Cargo Configuration 4 Passengers and 1600 lbs Cargo Configuration Cargo Configuration